2018 STS Golf & Learn

by Joe Hektor | Jul 27, 2018 |

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ETI was a proud sponsor and be a part of the

2018 STS Golf & Learn event in Port Jefferson, NY.


This week we had the opportunity to attend STS's Golf & Learn event. It was great to get out and meet with leaders in the SATCOM industry, get their insights and play some golf.

The first day put the Golf in Golf & Learn. It was a beautiful day of golf and networking, followed up with dinner and a comedy filled speech by STS CEO David Hershberg and the passing out of awards. STS also took this opportunity to introduce us to their new mobile satellite, the Satcube, you can check it out here http://www.stsglobal.com/solutions-2/satcube-ku/

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The second day was all abuot the Learn part of the event, and it was full of interesting and useful information. It started off with an introduction and speech by David Hershberg and Robert Bell.

We learned a lot about the state of our industry form Robert Bell at WTA/SSPI. Robert discussed the opportunities and challenges facing the SATCOM industries in the present and near future.
WTA https://worldteleport.site-ym.com/default.aspx
SSPI https://www.sspi.org/cpages/home

Next, we learned about network security from Rob Hill from Satcom Direct. This was an illuminating about the state of cybersecurity and the threats we all face. Rob also discussed these security issues as the pertain to supplying internet communications to jets in flight.
Satcom Direct https://www.satcomdirect.com

Scott Christner from Carnegie Technologies gave a presentation about the increase in bandwidth, user experience, and ease of use. This presentation included subjects as seamless transitions between networks, and portable closed networks (with their Satbridge portable satellite).
Carnegie Technologies https://www.carnegietechnologies.com/

We were introduced to Host Identity Protocol (HIP) by Hakan Parker from Professional Engineering Resources and Peter Cresse from Entropy. With the increase in digital traffic there is a new solution to security protocol  that allows for only trusted network traffic that uses cryptographic identity instead of IP addresses.
Professional Engineering Resources www.linkedin.com/company/professional-engineering-resources
Entropy http://www.entropybusiness.com/index.html

The optimistic inevitability of 5G was the topic of Steve Yablonski from STS Global’s presentation. He addressed such topics as the realities of the uses of 5G, data organization, technologies we need to get us there and the bandwidth needed for this endeavor.
STS Global http://www.stsglobal.com/

We would like to thank STS and especially Fred Dugourd from STS who organized this event for the opportunity to attend. We came away with a lot to think about and consider. We can’t wait till next year’s event.