Radiation Pattern Envelope

by Joe Hektor | Mar 16, 2018 |

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Satellite antennas radiate signal energy in distinct patterns that are reported as their radiation pattern envelope. These patterns consist of lobes which indicate the intensity of signal radiation radially on a horizontal plane emanating from the...

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Air Dehydrator Connection to Earth Station Waveguide

A technical director from Dubai wants an ETI waveguide air dehydrator for a project in UAE. He asks, "Can you please show how to connect [an ETI Air Dehydrator] with waveguide?"

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Innovative EDH-5 Air Dehydrator Ships

Identifying a transformative shift in global telecommunication needs, Environmental Technology Inc. shipped its new EDH-5 Air Dehydrator for antenna waveguide conditioning, serial number 00001.

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You CAN Set ADH NETCOM Communications!

The ADH NETCOM is a powerful piece of equipment for one specific, important task: creating the optimum antenna waveguide environment. That’s why you have and use the automatic air dehydrator. You like its Ethernet communication capabilities, that...

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