I have power to the unit and the lights come on but I do not get power to the heaters. (Units sold before 2015)

by Joe Hektor | Jul 26, 2017 |

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When wiring the SST-2 the white and red wires of the controller must be wired together for the unit to have power. This is regardless of the voltage applied to the unit. The white wire powers the controller and the red wire goes to the contact of...

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What voltages should I see when the sensor is connected to the controller and calling for snow?

This depends on the controller, on the newer APS-C series controllers, EUR-5A controller and the PRO series controllers they are supplied with 24VDC across the red and black wires (black is ground). The control signal coming back to the melt control...

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Snow Switch Season 2014 is upon Us!

Snow Switch Season 2014 is upon us! From all of us who make Environmental Technology Inc. what it is today, we wish to express our gratitude to all of our customers and product users who helped make our 46th year a remarkable one.

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ETI Partners AEF Visit Plant, Take In Game

A team from Environmental Technology Inc. partner AEF Sales visited South Bend, a town well-known for another kind of team this time of year.

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Wet Fires and National Electrical Safety Month: Roof & Gutter Deicing Applications

serious icicles have roof edge and gutter in icy grip
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ADH NETCOM Pressure Reporting, Lost Communication Fix

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Five Items for Troubleshooting ETI Products

ETI Troubleshooting Kit
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Troubleshooting the SIT-6E Snow Sensor

Environmental Technology Inc. demands the most and the best out of the products it manufactures and distributes. In a less than perfect world, however, less than ideal situations occur.

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APS-4C commlink to SC-40

Environmental Technology Inc. has developed and manufactured controllers and sensors for ice and snow management for 45 years. The quality of its products is reflected in the opportunities presented to connect newer products—such as the Snow Switch®...

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PD Pro Snow Management System Control: Next

PD Pro with Broader Input Voltage Range

Because you need a modest snow melting system – perhaps pilot duty sized – and you’re looking for an ideal controller for it, look into Environmental Technology Inc.’s Snow Switch® Model PD Pro, the ice and...

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