External contactors used with the APS-4C?

No, using external contactors will cause the GFEP circuit on the APS-4C to detect the inductive load of the contactors coil as ground fault and alarm the system every time the contactor is turned on. In order to increase the size of the application,...

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Why do I have a red GFEP light on?

The GFEP indicator will come on when a ground fault occurs in one of the heater circuits. The insulating resistance of the heater cable is breaking down or the cable has been damaged allowing current to pass to ground thru an incorrect pathway. Left...

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Why is the GFEP light flashing on my APS-4C?

This indicates that there is a ground fault on one of the attached SC-40C satellite controllers. The SC-40C that has the ground fault will have a solid red GFEP light and will not allow the heaters to be powered. Isolating the heater leg that has...

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The controller is oscillating – How do I fix this?

by David Mays | Jul 26, 2017 |

100K Ohm, building, EUR-5A FAQs, ground, ground loop, resistor, Sensors

  • Install a 100K Ohm resistor in-line with the Equipment Ground terminal (19).
  • Disconnect Equipment Ground terminal (18).


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Wet Fires and National Electrical Safety Month: Roof & Gutter Deicing Applications

serious icicles have roof edge and gutter in icy grip
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Five Items for Troubleshooting ETI Products

ETI Troubleshooting Kit
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Do I need to supply the controller with a ground fault breaker?

by David Mays | Aug 04, 2011 |

APS-3C, Frequently Asked Questions, GIT-3A, ground, LCD-1, LCD-3, LCD-7, PD Pro


When using a control or controller that does not include integral ground fault, using a ground fault breaker is required to provide protection for the heater tapes used with this product. Failure to do so will put the installation at risk for fire...

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