Power Line Noise Issues with Ground Fault Protection Equipment

Due to the high sensitivity of ground-fault-current detection circuits, it is possible that excessive line noise on the power source wiring can cause an alarm. This can occur in the form of a ground-fault alarm, a stuck-relay alarm, or a...

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New line of Heat-Trace controls

by Joe Hektor | Aug 08, 2017 |

Featured, freeze protection, heat trace


This past July Environmental Technology released its new line of microprocessor-based heat-trace controls, replacing its already successful SST line which has been a trusted industry standard since 2011. The new GPT and FPT heat-trace controls were...

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Sensor Selection for Radiant Snow Management Systems

At first glance, most snow melt applications appear to need only a single sensor. It addresses the fundamental concern for a radiant snow management system: "Is the weather bad enough to turn it on?" However, counterintuitively this can be a source...

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En-Lightening APS-4C and SC-40C

Environmental Technology Inc.'s David Mays shares his insights on specific or unanticipated situations end users encounter with their ETI products. Here he illuminates the tricky mix of APS-4C and SC-40C status lights and system operations.

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Troubleshooting the SIT-6E Snow Sensor

Environmental Technology Inc. demands the most and the best out of the products it manufactures and distributes. In a less than perfect world, however, less than ideal situations occur.

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PD Pro Snow Management System Control: Next

PD Pro with Broader Input Voltage Range

Because you need a modest snow melting system – perhaps pilot duty sized – and you’re looking for an ideal controller for it, look into Environmental Technology Inc.’s Snow Switch® Model PD Pro, the ice and...

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