What controllers use CIT-1, GIT-1 & SIT-6E sensors?

by Joe Hektor | Jul 26, 2017 |

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The CIT-1, GIT-1 & SIT-6E sensors are used with the newer APS-C series controllers, EUR-5A controller and the upcoming PRO series controllers. These controllers supply the sensor 24VDC on the sensors red and black wires (black is ground).

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Why won’t the sensor turn on the system when it is snowing outside?

There can be several reasons for this. First start by checking the sensor supply voltage between pins 2 and 3 of the class two terminal blocks. It should be close to 24 VDC (the label on some unit incorrectly say 24VAC). If there is no voltage then...

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When the system was installed the high temperature sensor was not installed, can I still make the unit work?

The High Temperature limit sensor is intended for two purposes, either as a slab sensor when the EUR-5A is used for heating sidewalks, patios or drives ways or for ambient air temperature when the unit is used for roof and gutter melt systems.

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Why doesn’t adjusting the High Temperature Limit dial turn the unit on?

The High Temperature limit dial is used to set the maximum temperature that the unit will work at. When the High Temperature limit sensor detects a temperature higher than what is selected on the EUR-5A high temperature dial it overrides the system...

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Set Your High Temperature Limit Control

Mary in Ohio upgraded the snow and ice melting system for her driveway with the Environmental Technology Inc. Snow Switch Model APS-3C control. The earlier version of her control panel did not include a HIGH TEMPERATURE LIMIT control setting. She...

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PD Pro Snow Management System Control: Next

PD Pro with Broader Input Voltage Range

Because you need a modest snow melting system – perhaps pilot duty sized – and you’re looking for an ideal controller for it, look into Environmental Technology Inc.’s Snow Switch® Model PD Pro, the ice and...

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