Desiccant vs Membrane Dehydration

by Joe Hektor | Jan 12, 2018 |

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Desiccant vs Membrane Dehydration. Two of the main types of dehydrators are used for waveguide dehydrators, desiccant dryers, and membrane dehydrators. Both effectively remove moisture from the air but do it in vastly different ways.

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Air Dehydrator Connection to Earth Station Waveguide

A technical director from Dubai wants an ETI waveguide air dehydrator for a project in UAE. He asks, "Can you please show how to connect [an ETI Air Dehydrator] with waveguide?"

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Innovative EDH-5 Air Dehydrator Ships

Identifying a transformative shift in global telecommunication needs, Environmental Technology Inc. shipped its new EDH-5 Air Dehydrator for antenna waveguide conditioning, serial number 00001.

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You CAN Set ADH NETCOM Communications!

The ADH NETCOM is a powerful piece of equipment for one specific, important task: creating the optimum antenna waveguide environment. That’s why you have and use the automatic air dehydrator. You like its Ethernet communication capabilities, that...

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ADH NETCOM Pressure Reporting, Lost Communication Fix

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When Buying a Waveguide Dehydrator

This is an era of expanding communication networks and subnetworks. One who manages them may neither need nor have the technical experience to identify specific infrastructural components. As a manufacturer of one significant component in the...

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